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Some people have been sending emails about what presents they want for Christmas or other holidays. I do not usually give gifts on holidays anymore, more like at random times and when I see people and when I see things they perhaps it would be good to tell me if you want to exchange presents! Is that too direct?

My usual, best, default answer is "interesting socks". I love colorful socks, mismatched socks, long socks, interesting-looking socks, but ones that are practical to wear, you know, with shoes. Not so much with the toe socks, it turns out. It's pretty hard to go wrong giving me interesting socks though, and I really will appreciate them. I tend to wear them out pretty fast, unfortunately.

But other things I would appreciate, where small donations make a big difference:
A couple queer writers and activists of color with health issues and not enough insurance, in need.
donate to help writer Aurora Levins Morales (read about her)
donate to Yasmin Nair
I would also love donations to Natalie Reed, because at the moment I'm quite worried about her. She's not the only person whom I care about who needs money, not by a long shot, but it's hard to negotiate these things...
though more directly, I go to events where great poetic artists who have healthcare and other needs are featured, and if I had some kind of "fund to donate at those events", that would be awesome. I can often spare some myself, but not always.

Local programs that I'm pretty sure are very effective:
The Larkin Street Youth Center for homeless youth
The Lyon-Martin Health Services which are so desperately needed by many people here in the Bay Area. San Francisco has reasonable health plans but a lot of people rely on Lyon-Martin not only for basic healthcare, but because they're queer, possibly transgender, and want to be treated with respect. Which isn't to say that doctors outside of Lyon-Martin could not provide such care, but it's harder to know beforehand.

I know that there are many good people outside of the US who need support. I know that neil_werewolf has pointed out that Giving what we Can has pointed out very effective charities overall, so rationally, I could recommend those. There are other causes I like, too, ones that I think have a better donor base already. But these people, and possibly others you could draw to my attention who give a lot of emotional healing to others through their art, are people to whom donations would gladden my heart.
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