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My friend Tiara posted this status today. It seems all my friends in Boston are physically okay, but this made me think and be scared about friends who might indeed suffer from social backlash. I consider it part of supporting this friend to share the status and ask that others do so, or find other ways to convey similar ideas to anyone you think you can reach.

"Any sort of speculation is just going to be playing into the dangerous hands of bigotry - even when it's "this has the hallmarks of Group XYZ" (which sounds scientific but is just as baseless as anything else). Whether you think it's Al-Qaeda or the Tea Party or North Korea or anarchists or pranksters or whoever, we don't have the information any which way, and we're not in a position to really ever know.

Far more important than wondering who did it is to protect those that are going to be negatively impacted by the speculation - for example, people of color in the US who already are in danger from being assumed to be terrorists even when there isn't a related incident - as well as supporting those who were directly affected however we can (sometimes this does mean staying put). Protecting civil liberties is especially important now because incidents like these end up being excuses for the stifling thereof - look at how the Patriot Act came out of 9/11.

Look out for each other; let's not find ways to make anyone else the Other even if out of "safety".

(I'm making this public; please feel free to share.)"
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